2. Congratulation Message Rev.Brother Bancha Saenghiran, f.s.g. Ph.D. President of Assumption University

Congratulation Message
Rev.Brother Bancha Saenghiran, f.s.g. Ph.D.
President of Assumption University 

This year on November 3, 2013 is a special year. The Foundation of Saint Gabriel in Thailand has the privilege of celebrating the Silver Jubilee of Religious lives for our three Brothers: Bro.Chainarong Huadsiri, Bro.Monthol Prathumarach, and Bro.Chamana Laoruckphon. On this very same day, it is also the Golden Jubilee of Religious lives for Bro.Leochai Lavasut and Bro.Amnuay Yoonprayong and special celebrations are being organized to honor them. 

On this special occasion, I would like to congratulate each and every one of our Brothers for being faithful to their promises made in their first professions. Each vowed to have Christ as the center of his life. They have likewise lived with Christ as the center of their lives. The celebration this year is also a time for each to recommit themselves once again to follow the ideals they have adopted and made their own lives dedicated ones of spirituality. At the same time, we give thanks to God for His unfailing love He has unconditionally shared with His servants. The event we celebrate can be considered as God’s very event in that He manifests His fidelity

despite our unfaithfulness. The jubilee is meaningful because we witness in the lives of the celebrants God’s assurance of His endless faithfulness and love. Religious profession is the most significant act of the meeting between God and the individual Brothers who offer themselves to Him and His creation. 

Let us together give praise and glory to God for the journeys our Brothers continue to take in the Lord’s vineyard. We celebrate their Silver Jubilees and Golden Jubilees respectively, today in jubilation and profound thanksgiving for their God-filled lives, striving after perfection. 

May God grant them abundant graces so that they continue to serve Him and the whole humanity in the contents of their lives and in their capacities given by God alone, faithfully. 

Happy Anniversary! 

Rev.Bro. Bancha Saenghiran, f.s.g., Ph.D.
President, Assumption University