3. Au’s community pay homage to His Majesty the King, with the title of the “Teacher of the Land” to honor His Majesty in commemoration of his 84th birthday anniversary.

Wai–Kru Ceremony 2011

John Paul II Sports Center, Suvarnabhumi Campus

Assumption University

June 16, 2011 


Faculty & Staff members, Alumni,

Student Organization, and Students       

This academic year 2011 marks a special event in the Thai history. It’s the 84th Anniversary of His Majesty the King Bhumibhol Adulyadej. We, members of AU family, have every reason to rejoice. The government has announced this calendar year 2011 to be the year to honor our King in a special.

For us at AU, as we mark the beginning of our academic year with Wai–Kru Ceremony, it is fitting and appropriate for us at this moment to have first Wai–Kru Ceremony for Teacher of the Land. For His Majesty the King is considered to be a great teacher for our lecturers to imitate and all of us here to follow his teachings and model after him. From January 1 to December 31, 2011, Thailand will celebrate the 84th birthday anniversary of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej.

For Thai, the 84th anniversary is considered an important milestone of life. It’s the completion of the seventh 12–year cycle. It’s special celebration on this occasion. The cabinet, during its meeting on December 21, 2010, endorsed the proposal by the Ministry of Education to present His Majesty the King with the title of the “Teacher of the Land” to honor His Majesty in commemoration of his 84th birthday anniversary.

His Majesty won the title “Teacher of the Land” for several reasons. From the life and work of His Majesty, he has a special interest in education development. He sets himself as a clear example of life–long learning. His royal addresses and writings keep reminding all involved in the importance of learning. Also his royal activities, work plans, and projects aim at demonstrating the solving of problems and at creating learning communities for the development of the quality of life of the Thai people.

(i)Regarding formal education, His Majesty established Chitralada School in 1955, where young royal children, children of courtiers, and children from the general public could study together.

(ii)Having learned about the lack of educational opportunities among disadvantaged children during his visits to rural remote areas of the country, His Majesty has instructed the setting up of schools and has given them support. A total of 104 schools are under royal patronage and guidance.

(iii)His Majesty has granted many scholarships for students wishing to study abroad with the hope that they will work for the country upon their graduation to assist in the development of the country as a whole.

(iv)Concerning non-formal education, His Majesty set up Phra Dabos School in 1975 to provide vocational training in various fields for people who lack the means necessary to enter formal schools. Open to everyone, the project began by providing electronics and radio training at the Royal Household Bureau in Bangkok, and it was later expanded to include radio repair, welding, construction, and electrical skills in its curriculum.

His concept of education involves the roles and duties of educators and teachers. In his view, educators are obliged to “Make good learners,” so that they are able to earn their livelihood and be able to contribute to the country.

In recognition of His Majesty’s dedication development, His Majesty deserves the title of the “Teacher of the Land.”

During his active years, His Majesty travelled to every nook and corner of Thailand to teach the Thai people how to earn their living and how to lead a life of quality. He is very practical in dealing with people. His Majesty taught them theories and put what he taught into practices. This can be seen from His Majesty’s “New Theory,” “Sufficiency Economy,” to mention just a few. He sees the potentials in his people and encourages their development. His Majesty taught people how to develop from both without and also from within. His teaching methodology covers all teaching dimensions, either it be theory, practice, research, and innovation. He integrated them in teaching people to uplift their standards of living for the learning to help themselves. The King moreover goes beyond what is expected. He made follow-ups of all what he engaged with people. He is a prime example of what he taught to them in all aspects of life.

Though His Majesty has been in Siriraj Hospital since September 2009 under the close supervision of medical personnel, yet His Majesty continues to teach his people through his words and work.

His Majesty has a sense of purpose in the teaching of his people. He can make an incredible difference in the life of his people. The Thai people, as the King’s students, are also aware that their teacher care for them and want to teach them, that’s why they are more apt to listen and to learn, for people (students) can sense the heart of this teacher, their King.

As the Teacher of the Land, His Majesty has made impact on the life of his people, He inspires people to reach their aspirations. Many are excellent teachers of subject material of facts and figures, but His Majesty makes a difference in their lives. He is great in the way he teaches and in the way he interacts with people.

His Majesty can achieve this title the “Teacher of the Land” through the path of devotion, the road of sacrifice, listening to people with patience, listening to the heart.

His Majesty has the art of encouragement, trust and confidence in his people. He pursues his goal with determination. He also has the words of wisdom and sometime filled with humors.

     He is a source of inspiration

     a source of joy & peace,

     a source of hope & serenity,

     a source of wisdom.

He is rightly our Teacher, the Teacher of the Land. We all pay homage to His Majesty the King, accepting him as our teacher. We promise to follow his teachings so that our lives will be transformed as proud citizens of the country. We wish His Majesty good health, good rest and long life to live with his students and continue to teach us to become good assets of the country.

In honor of His Majesty, King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Teacher of the Land. 

 On Wai–Kru Ceremony

 at John Paul II Sports Center

 By AU Family

 June 16, 2011