4. Au President’s speech for Wai-Kru Ceremony 2011

Au President’s speech for Wai-Kru Ceremony 2011 

Dear student: 

Wai-Kru ceremony or paying respect to teachers is the Thai tradition which is deeply rooted in the past and is practiced in many professions. For AU, Wai–Kru Ceremony is being conducted at the start of the new academic years. It is held in high esteem and considered sacred because teachers confer knowledge, concentration and wisdom.

There are two parties involved in this ceremony: namely students and teachers. Symbolically, students participating in this ceremony advance to make a request to teachers to accept them as their students. They promise to respect and obey, and follow the instruction and advices given by the teachers. Whatever demands put forward by the teachers, they are ready to follow for their own benefits. With trust and confidence in their teachers, students will do whatever in their power to pursue truth and knowledge. In the process of learning, such disposition of trust, confidence, and respect are essential to personal growth from within and development can take place and flourish in this regard.

On the other hand, teachers accept all of you to be their students. This implies that teachers undertake the responsibility to educate you and to prepare you to be ready for the society and the world in the 21st century. They profess to commit to teaching profession. In the teaching and learning process, commitment, cooperation and collaboration of the two parties are necessary and essential to achieving the goals.

Today, you will have the opportunity to witness good examples from the recipients of the awards for excellent academic performance of the past year. Learn from them, try to outdo and excel them. Your life on campus will be years of formation through different experiences. Engage with people and environment on campus wisely. 

Dear student:

Consider this Wai–Kru Ceremony to be a special event. May the spirit of Wai–Kru Ceremony live on in both our teaching and learning, in our ngagements, and in our daily living.

Allow me to thank everyone who help make this event a meaningful one.

I pray to God to grant you the wisdom to overcome difficulties that may come your way. May He bless all who teach and all who learn. May your minds be always open to the truth and the teaching of teachers with humility.

May God bless you all & thank you. 


Wai–Kru Ceremony 2011

June 16, 2011