11. A Review of Programs and Activities





 A.U. is proud of the success of research conducted by Dr. Churdchai Cheotrakul, Dean of the Faculty of Biotechnology which resulted in the issue of a patent for production of Rice Milk which can be used in the food programme for school children. In the past the programme has cost the Thai government something like 7,000 million Bath annually and this patent is expected to effect substantial savings and also bring about hefty profits to concerned parties. 

Arrangements exist for faculty and student exchange under the Greater Mekong Subregion Project and Assumption University has accepted 2 instructors and 1 student from Vietnam for training and study here. Dr. Jakarin Srimoon has been invited to teach at two Vietnamese universities on a reciprocal basis.

A new Innovation, Creativity and Enterprise Centre (ICE) has been established and its main purpose is to provide focus on research and consultancy services in educational and business fields especially to meet the needs of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and micro business sectors. The Centre is located on our City Campus at Emporium Tower and its management entrusted to a special committee to oversee its operations.

The National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurial Enterprise (NGCE) from England has sponsored a study through Assumption University with Dr. Vindhai Cocrakul as director of this program. The NGCE believes that higher education institutions play a significant role in the development of entrepreneurial attitudes, aspirations and capabilities in students and that such qualities are essential for graduates in preparing for their careers and employment including self-employment. Dr. Vindhai is making a study of good practices in entrepreneurship development in higher education institutions in the South East Asia region, under a joint programme with NGCE.

The Summit of the Presidents of the Universities of the World is to be held in Bangkok at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre during July 19-22, 2006.

The 22nd General Assembly of the International Federation of Catholic Universities is scheduled for July 31-August 4, 2006 and the venue of this conference is the Bang Na campus of Assumption University. 

The Summer and Winter Olympic Games (Universiade) is to be staged in Thailand between August 8-18, 2007 and two events viz “Water Polo” and “Volley Ball” will be organised at Bang Na campus. We are therefore trying to complete the upgrading of our international standard swimming pools to be ready for these competitions.

The “World Debate for University Students” will be hosted by Assumption University in 2008 and all preparations are being made to meet the dateline.

There will be the 60th anniversary celebrations of our King’s accession to the throne beginning on June 9 at the Gymnasium of Bang Na under the auspices of the Catholic Education Council with subsequent activities culminating in the birthday festivities on December 5, 2007. The St. Gabriel’s Foundation has set the target of a 10 million Baht contribution to the Royal Development Projects including one million Baht donation from A.U. for which the fund-raising compaign from faculty, staff, students, alumni and families will be launched soon.

In conclusion Bro. Bancha affirmed that he had arranged presentations by lecturers from various faculties and department so that we are aware of what the University is doing and he outlined the following points and issues.

  1. In terms of infrastructure, there are 3 phases, first the basic requirements of teaching and learning, second, the supporting facilities and third, to enhance the life and work of the people employed on campus. In academic area, we are not only trying to modernize and update curriculum but to make innovations and changes so that they are more attractive and acceptable and submit to the Commission on Higher Education through the University Council. In doing this we must be mindful of priorities and datelines.

  2. We have new facilities and programs such as college of Internet Distance Education (CIDE) to provide opportunities to all people to learn and educate themselves-even our drivers and janitors now possess degrees in law or administration.

  3. We must expand research to cover all disciplines and meet the needs and demanads of business and industrial sectors. For this purpose the services of ABAC Poll and RIAU should be utilized as they have necessary facilities and experience.

  4. In view of the globalization process we must have more exchange of students and enable them to visit foreign universities to widen their views and perspectives.

  5. There is need for greater use of technology-teachers and students must operate computers and the internet more often. If hardware, software remain unused large investments are wasted and the machines turn obsolete in a few years.

  6. Regarding entrepreneurship, all our programs are management based to support the spirit of initiative and enterprise. Government wants all higher education institutions to be self-sustaining so we must find ways and means to operate on our own resources without depending on outside support.

  7. Quality assurance principles must be part and parcel of our daily activities and ourlife. There must be improvement in our routines and in our systems based on SAR and the result of our work, our programs shoud show success and progress quantitatively as well as quatitatively. Moving forward and achieving goals are good and desireable but we must also stabilize and consolidate our gains and our position.


        แหล่งที่มา : ABAC TODAY (Vol. 21 No. 2 March - May, 2006) หน้า 2