When the clamor from friends, faculty, staff and students for a fitting ceremony gradually grew loud and insistent the President relented and authorized the celebration of the Holy Mass at Chapel of St. Louis Marie De Montfort and a dinner reception at Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok on July 7, 2005. As Bro. Bancha continues to be in excellent health, enjoying finely tuned mental faculties and robust spirituality the next decade will bear witncss not only to his brilliant performance as rector and administrator but also to manifestations of sublime thinking and profound cogitation resulting in enhancement of educational goals and paradigms. May the hopes and expectations of his compeers and confreres be fulfilled.


Chairman of the University Council, Bro. Sakda Kitcharoen and President Emeritus Bro. Martin Komolmas,

join in crooning birthday songs for Bro. Bancha at Chapel of St. Louis Marie De Montfort on July 7.


Dr. Bancha Saenghiran accepting the portrait of Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI from Provincial Superior

Bro. Sakda Kitcharoen which was flown in from the Vatican as a special birthday gift.


H.E. Bishop John Boseo Panya Kitcharoen and priests celebrating Holy Mass during the birthday ceremony

all Chapel of St. Louis Marie De Montfort on July 7.

President Dr. Bancha Saenghiran acknowledging the gifts, felicitations and the presence of friends, faculty,

staff and students during birthday celebration staged at Chapel of St. Louis Marie De Montfort on July 7.


Prisident Dr. Bancha Saenghiran cutting the cake while friends and confreres clapand applaud

during his 60th birthday celebrations at Grand Hyatt Erawan on July 7.


แหล่งที่มา : ABAC TODAY (Vol. 20 No. 3 June-July, 2005) หน้า 6