30-11-2019-6th “CEO Forum” Organized by Assumption University Alumni Association

6th “CEO Forum” Organized by Assumption University Alumni Association

The 6th “CEO Forum” was organized by Assumption University Alumni Association on November 30, 2019 at the Pearl Bangkok Building, Payathai, Bangkok. The keynote speaker, Khun Supattra Pao Piemsub, CEO, Pruksa Holding Public Co. Ltd., Pruksa Real Estates, delivered her keynote lecture on “Pruksa Transformation” highlighting the Pruksa’s innovative brand and quality customers’ services and its being purposeful company. Participants included about 90 Assumption University’s alumni led by Dr. Somprot Sarakoses, President, AU Alumni Association, among many other interested individuals, company CEOs & executives and honored guests which included Rev. Bro. Dr. Bancha Saenghiran, President-Rector Magnificus. Ms. Supattra stated that “she is proud to be able to contribute her knowledge and experiences and Prucksa’s success to Assumption University’s community and encourages the AU alumni numbering about 100,000 through the “Facebook Live” to help plan & develop Assumption University’s future and continual success.”

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