17-7-2018-Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa

The Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa’s address to AU Faculty to commemorate Nelson Mandela’s 100th

H.E. Mr. Geoffrey Quinton Mitchell Doidge,  Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa, and Madame Carol Doidge paid a courtesy visit to AU President, Rev. Bro. Dr.  Bancha Saenghiran, and Dean of  Martin de Tour School of Management and Economics, Assumption University on July 17, 2018  where His Excellency delivered a speech to the faculty on the centenary of Nelson Mandela who was born on July 18, 1918.  To quote some of his eloquent speech, “…When South African travel abroad, …the most likely respond that I get is “Nelson Mandela!” …Mandela is globally synonymous with the timeless humanist ideas: truth, honour, justice, rights, equality, redistribution, fairness, forgiveness, and peace…” Read more for the Ambassador’s full speech.   

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